Caroline Sakla


Founder and Leader

My name is Caroline Sakla and I  am mommy to two year old Jacob, almost 6 month old Chloe and wifey to Andrew. I am a former educator turned stay-at-home mommy turned Little Explorers founder and Leader. I have a bachelors degree in communications and a masters degree in the arts of teaching. The reason behind the start of Little Explorers is a desire to foster a community for me, my child and my husband. A place where I know my child is safely receiving the social, physical and cognitive development that his little explorer brain requires. Knowing that other mamas strive for the same wishes for their children; I sought to create a place where all this is possible. I also needed Little Explorers for myself. A place to meet like-minded mamas and nurture my friendships and creativity. I have researched many child development curriculums and searched for the best team of leaders to offer our little explorers the most playful learning experiences they desire and deserve. I hope you decide to come play, explore and learn with us and see for yourself. Little Explorers is so much more than just a play space, its a nurturing community.

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Alicia Herron



My name is Alicia Herron and live in Clearwater with my wonderful husband and our young jovial daughter. I have a degree in Health Sciences from Florida Gulf Coast University with a focus on social sciences. I have a longstanding career of taking care of children with over 20 years of experience both in formal settings and informal settings. I’m known for my ability to encourage children to learn, try new things, and have fun while learning. I have a gift for thinking and being creative while introducing new concepts to children so they are excited to learn while having fun. I’m naturally very high energy personality with a love of the arts and a background in Musical theatre. I’m delighted to incorporate my skills into the Little Explorers class curriculum. Your children will love the creative play atmosphere designed to help them improve on the skills their natural development requires in a fun exciting way!

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Mallory Radcliffe


Leader and Manager

My name is Mallory Radcliffe and I am the proud Mommy to my amazing daughter and son. I have dedicated my life to education, with a degree in Child and Family Development. I have a mission that is clear, and that is to engage with your children in their earliest years. Just as Dr. Maria Montessori said, "Early childhood education is the key to the betterment of society." And the best way to do that is through PLAY! Your child's little brain is already hard-wired to seek out new information in the most fun way possible, and through many years of combined experience we plan to create an exciting and fluid curriculum your child will not want to miss!

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Jennifer Ewing



My name is Jennifer Ewing! My husband, two incredible children and I, just moved to sunny FL from Minnesota, but was born and raised in Wisconsin! Cultivating environments where children are safe to learn through play has been my life’s passion, and I have spent the past two decades devoted to it. With a BA in Theatre Arts focused on Education and Performance, and a plethora of experience in the childcare setting, I have strived to teach children how to use their imaginations to create new ways of approaching different situations in their lives, while also encouraging awareness and confidence in themselves. Little Explorers provides the perfect space for us to stretch our imaginations, learn to work together as a team, and grow together as individuals, families and as a community, and I am excited to bring my skills to the Little Explorers curriculum, and to all of you!

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