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Playful Learning Enrichment Classes


Social Development

Believe it or not, play is an important way to nurture optimal early childhood brain development. Children who play grow into adults who are better able to adapt and navigate through complex environments. Our playful learning classes help our little explorers build their experiences, expressions, and emotional management as well as the ability to establish positive and rewarding relationships. In turn, this fosters their social-emotional development all while they are having a memorable fun time! 

Cognitive Development

Our playful learning classes provide children with the opportunities to solve problems, create, experiment, think and learn all the time. This time period is crucial for your child’s cognitive development. That is why, our playful learning classes are designed to ensure that our little explorers are sharpening their ability to think, understand, remember, imagine and work out what might happen next! 

Physical Development

All of our playful learning classes designed to let children move, dance, shake and be silly.  We are consciously allowing our little explorers to develop their fine motor skills and providing them with the opportunity to let all their energy out (and possibly have an easier and faster bedtime experience?) An active little explorer is a healthy little explorer. 

Sensory Development

Touch, feel and experiencing the world around them is so important for our little explorers' development. This is way we choose to offer playful learning enrichment classes in Palm Harbor's Little Explorers; from preschool prep classes in Palm Harbor to arts and crafts. Check out the many options we have. 

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